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In the spring of 2013, when we met to practise singing Stefan’s adaptation of the folk song “Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär”, we couldn’t have anticipated where this would take us within a very short time.
In our first year, we went on to win two major competitions in Denmark and Austria, so that the call for our own concert programme quickly became loud.

In June 2014, the time had finally come: Our debut programme “Take Off” didn’t only take us to a number of stages throughout Germany but also to Finland, Taiwan and the USA. And while we were on the road with the programme, the wish grew to provide matching light aesthetics in addition to the existing sound design. Not much later “Take Off” radiated in an elaborate light installation.

Our first CD “Moon” appeared alongside the programme. To our great surprise it was awarded the prize as the best a cappella album in Europe. Our version of the song “Wolf & I” was even distinguished as the “Best Pop/Rock Song of the Year 2015” by the international a cappella organisation CASA.
Consequently, the expectations regarding our second programme were high. We were fascinated and inspired by the possibilities offered by light. As a result, with “Illuminate”, we found the right name very early on in the process. Here, it was not only the shine, radiance and gleam of the light that thrilled us but also the darkness, as the contrast to it. In search of the matching repertoire, the first songs were written by us and customised for the new programme. In addition, we also felt like doing German songs and didn’t shy away from Rammstein or Herbert Grönemeyer. We are looking forward to breathtaking critiques after the concerts and, every single evening, we realise that this effort was worthwhile.

In 2017 we released our first christmas album "Winter" and the associated programme celebrated its premiere. From now on we will sing this programme every year for christmas in a few of the most impressive churches of Germany.

This year we were invited to the Russian capital to take part at the "Moscow a cappella festival" and to our great joy we were able to win the first price of this competition. Our new album "VOCAL LEGENDS" was released this year in september and with the associated concert programme we will bring our own interpretations of the greatest hits of international pop and rock music on stages.

We are inspired and grateful for everything we have been allowed to experience in our brief band history and are looking forward to everything that might still come.

To this very day, the “Vöglein” is a fixed element of our repertoire and connects us to our early days.

Jennifer, Marta, André, Patrick and Kris

André Bachmann

André studied jazz & pop singing at the Berlin “Hanns Eisler” Academy of Music. He is an arranger, composer, and vocal coach. André was a long-time member of the a cappella band “musix” and is a vocal soloist in a number of different projects. At ONAIR, André is a tenor, arranger and composer.

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Marta Helmin

Marta has taken piano lessons since her childhood and won first prizes at “Jugend musiziert”. She completed her vocal and piano studies at the University of Music in Münster, Department Detmold. She has played lead roles in a number of musical productions such as “We Will Rock You!”, “Mamma Mia”, “Mozart!”. Apart from ONAIR, she also works as a piano teacher and a vocal coach. Marta is a soprano at ONAIR.

Patrick Oliver

Patrick studied jazz & pop singing at the Berlin “Hanns Eisler” Academy of Music. He is an arranger, composer, and vocal coach. He was a part of the vocal ensemble group Bundes Jugend Jazz Orchesters (Bujazzo), vocal soloist in a number of projects such as the “Symphonic Pop Orchestra”, founding member of the a Cappella groups “musix” and (together with Lukas Teske, Maybebop) “Hartmuth und die Hitmaschine”. At ONAIR, Patrick is a baritone, vocal percussionist, arranger and composer.

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Jennifer Kothe

Jennifer studied jazz & pop singing at the “Hanns Eisler” Academy of Music in Berlin. She is an arranger and vocal coach, worked as an actress and singer at Ronacher in Vienna and at the National Theatre in Mannheim, was a founding member of the renowned a cappella group “Peter and the Wolvettes”, sang with the award-winning Berlin-based “Jazzvocals” for a long time, and was a solo singer at “Trio Rosenrot”. At ONAIR Jennifer is a soprano, a composer and has recently become an arranger.

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Kristofer Benn

Kristofer studied jazz & pop singing at the “Hanns Eisler” Academy of Music in Berlin. Apart from his vocal activities, Kris is a vocal coach and choir leader. He was a member of the concert ensemble group Bundes Jugend Jazz Orchesters (Bujazzo), a jazz soloist with his own quartet, a member of “Berlin Voices”, the “Skylarks” (Andrej Hermlins “Swing Dance Orchestra”) of “Vocality” and the Berlin soloist choir. At ONAIR, Kris is the bass.

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